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The Woodland for businesses

Our aim is to create pieces of woodland that families are able to use, to learn about nature and the great outdoors.

We will find pieces of land that we can transform into not just a woodland but something that is productive. Productive from a food point of view and productive from a learning point of view and sustains itself within an ecosystem.

The Woodland for Bushcrafters

How many people that participate in Bushcraft find it difficult to find a bit of woodland where they can get permission to do what. they do. I know of many, but we aim to change this trend by creating woodland that groups of Bushcrafters can use all you need to do is set up a group come up with some guidelines and rules and we along with you will look to raise the funds to make it all come true.

The Woodland for community use

If you are a group of people that want to have the use of some woodland and to set up a community group we can also help with this please contact us for details on ways that you can create a piece of woodland near you.

Our first and pilot project

The founders of Create a Woodland Award Winning small business the Rugged Outdoors will be our pilot project to ascertain whether there is the traction to take on this ambitious program and below is how they plan to use the woodland.

We are an established Bushcraft and woodland experience business based in North Yorkshire in a 1-acre piece of woodland where we run a multitude of activities with our main aim of attracting more families so that they can get quality time together in a beautiful setting. However, our bit of paradise keeps flooding and although we will never move from this venue we want to expand and be in the situation where we don't get flooded, so it is imperative that we find a new site.

Creating a new woodland although being a long term project it does provide us with a woodland that we can use at our own discretion. Planting semi-mature trees accelerates the process but gives a viable woodland that can be used immediately and also lets us plan how the woodland will look. We have shown below some of the things that we will use the woodland for.

Food Forest

food forest typically is comprised of seven layers, the uppermost layer being the canopy layer. The canopy layer is comprised of tall trees — typically large fruit and nut trees. Between the tall canopy layer trees, there is a layer of low growing, typically dwarf fruit trees

Wood craft

Learn how carve a Kuksa (wooden cup) or a spoon and learn how to use a pole lathe


Bushcraft will be a big part of what we do, it encompasses so much in the great outdoors from learning how to survive in the woodlands to how to forage for food.

Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that aims to reduce ones environmental impact in ways that are sustainable both to the earth and mankind


Permaculture is a set of design principles centered on whole systems thinking, simulating, or directly utilizing the patterns and resilient features observed in natural ecosystems. It uses these principles in a growing number of fields from regenerative agriculture, rewilding, and community resilience. We enrolled on Jeff Lawtons Diploma in applied Permaculture design and would highly recommend it watch the video below and be amazed at what's happening to our planet but also how we can change the trend if we want to.

Willow weaving


We will have a number of animals on-site to enable us to teach children about how to keep animals and how to respect them.